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About Dr. Paul Rubin:

Dr. Paul Rubin graduated from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1973. Early on he developed a strong interest in preventive and innovative concepts in dentistry, becoming president of the Washington Society for Preventive Dentistry (no longer existing).

He is one of this area’s pioneers in “mercury-free” dentistry, abandoning the use of mercury amalgam (“silver”) fillings in 1981, and pursuing a study of the risks to health of this widely used dental filling material. One of the early members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), he has served in various offices and on its Board of Directors for several years, helping to see it grow into one of the world’s leading authoritative bodies in the area of mercury and other toxins in dentistry. Dr. Rubin was honored as a Fellow of the IAOMT in 1992, and a Master of the IAOMT in 2007. Dr. Rubin is also a charter member of the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists. In 2009, Dr. Rubin co-founded New Directions Dentistry, a company dedicated to teaching dentists nationwide how to practice mercury safe dentistry.

With a special interest in the environmental effects of dental amalgam mercury, Dr. Rubin has lectured across the country and published research on this subject. His was the first office in Washington State (and one of the first in the country) to install a mercury capturing system to prevent waste amalgam-mercury from leaving the dental office waste stream, over a fifteen ago. As of July of 2003, all King County dental offices are now required to have such equipment. In 1997, Dr. Rubin was honored as Runner-Up for the Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention, and won the Puget Sound Waste Information Network’s Award for Environmental Achievement. He was the first, and one of the few dental offices to receive Envirostars’ highest 5-star rating. Dr. Rubin has appeared and testified before informational hearings by King County Board of Health and the Washington State Senate Committee on Health and Long Term Care.

Dr. Rubin continues to pursue and implement advances in the evolving field of Biocompatible Dentistry.

About Our Office:

We provide a wide range of general dentistry services, focusing on areas that feature Dr. Rubin’s particular experience, expertise and advanced training. General dentistry is always done with consideration for comfort, longevity, pleasing esthetics and healthy materials. Smile enhancement through esthetic dentistry combines a “skilled eye,” advanced training, excellence in technique and world class dental lab. As a pioneer in mercury-free, biocompatible dentistry, Dr. Rubin always stays on the leading edge of holistic concepts and protocols. Our successful approach with innovative methods of non-surgical periodontal therapy can solve this very pervasive adult problem – gum disease- in a comfortable, effective and non-invasive manner. Always we emphasize a gentle touch (Dr. Rubin gets compliments on this almost daily), and pampering you through your dental experience.

As a new patient, you’ll begin with a thorough, unhurried examination and evaluation session. We’ll use advances such as digital radiography (as much as 90% less exposure than conventional dental X-rays) and intraoral photography to help assess your present situation. As a screening for gum tissue (periodontal) health, we’ll look at samples from your mouth on our powerful phase-contrast microscope (for more on this, click Biological Dentistry). Most importantly, we’ll listen to you – why you are here and what are your desires and concerns. We will work with you to develop a plan that meets your desires.

Many patients come to us specifically with the goal of replacing their old, mercury-amalgam fillings with more biologically appropriate materials. They may be doing this on advice from their physician, or may have simply learned enough about the mercury controversy to decide they don’t want this material in their mouths anymore. We will spend time going over our treatment protocols (see Biological Dentistry) and developing an appropriate treatment plan. This will usually also involve linking with one or more of the area’s top alternative medicine practitioners.

Any proposed treatment in our office will always be decided on mutually, explained thoroughly, and accompanied by a written cost estimate. You will be handled with uncommon gentleness, caring, compassion and pampering

Note: because we see many environmentally sensitive patients, we request that no scents of any kind be worn while in our office. Thank you.