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Biological Periodontal Treatment

“Periodontal disease effects, to one degree or another, the majority of adults in the United States. It may range from mild inflammation (“gingivitis”) to more serious forms of periodontal infection. It is a disease with many factors. The primary common factor is microbial – that is, bacteria and other microorganisms. Other factors such as body chemistry, systemic state of health, nutrition and lifestyle factors are also important. We try to help address all of these factors, with a strong focus on an anti-bacterial approach.

Periodontal disease has been shown to be linked as a strong risk factor for heart disease as well as some other systemic problems. That means that treating periodontal disease effectively is more important than ever. Part of our diagnosis and monitoring involves using a phase contrast microscope to evaluate the bacterial activity in a sample of your plaque. This helps to guide your individual, non-surgical approach to lasting periodontal health.

Please read more about this on the Articles and Links page by downloading our article on Biological Dentistry.”