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Mercury Safe

What Is Mercury Safe?

It is our position that traditional “silver” (mercury) amalgam fillings are an inappropriate choice for today’s dentistry, with today’s knowledge. Mercury makes up about 50% (by weight) of an amalgam filling, and mercury vapor escapes from these fillings in amounts that may be harmful. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements known, and has no place in a material that is placed into the body.

Many dentists in recent years have stopped placing amalgam fillings, but a poll taken a couple of years ago showed that nationwide approximately half of dentists still use amalgam. It is not enough for a dentist to be “mercury free.” We believe it is also vitally important to be “mercury safe.” Any time an old filling is being replaced, for whatever reason, there is a potential for a dangerous amount of mercury vapor release. The patient, the dentist, the dental assistant, and the environment are at risk if appropriate and effective protective protocols are not followed.

We are very committed to being mercury safe, and Dr. Rubin is co-founder of New Directions Dentistry, created for the purpose of teaching dentists to be occupationally safe from mercury exposure in the office.
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